Lenovo Thinkpad E450 E460 45N1752 Battery internal original


Lenovo Thinkpad E450 E460 45N1752 Battery internal original

Internal battery


Color black


  • Compatible part numbers
  • Compatible laptops
  • 45N1752
  • 45N1754(3ICP7/38/64)
  • 45N1753
  • 45N1755
  • 45N1755(3ICP7/38/64)
  • 45N1756
  • 45N1757
  • 45N1754

Lenovo ThinkPad E450 E450C E460 E460C E450, E450C, E455, E460, E460C, ThinkPad E450, ThinkPad E450(20DCA001CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA002CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA003CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA00BCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA00CCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA00FCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA00UCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA00YCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01HCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01JCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01KCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01LCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01MCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01NCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01PCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01QCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA023CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA026CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA028CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA02FCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA02GCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA02LCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA02MCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA033CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA034CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA035CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA036CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA03ACD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA03FCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA03GCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA03HCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA03XCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA04XCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA04YCD)...





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