LENOVO ThinkPad X1 Carbon. LENOVO 45N1070 45N1071. [14.8V 2600mAh


LENOVO ThinkPad X1 Carbon. LENOVO 45N1070 45N1071. [14.8V 2600mAh

Type:Internal battery

Condition:New original




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3443 3444, 3446, 3448, 3460 and 3463 models 3443 Series 3444 Series 3444-25U 3444-28U 3444-2DU 3444-2GU 3444-2HU 3444-2KU 3444-4ZU 3444-52U 3444-53U 3444-54U 3444-55U 3444-56U 3444-59U 3444-5AU 3444-AWU 3444-AZU 3444-B7U 3444-B8U 3444-B9U 3444-BAU 3444-BBU 3444-BCU 3444-BDU 3444-BEU 3444-BFU 3444-CUU 3444-CWU 3444-CXU 3444-CYU 3444-F7U 3444-F8U 3444-F9U 3444-FAU 3444-FBU 3444-FCU 3444-FDU 3444-FEU 3444-FFU 3444-FGU 3446 Series 3448 Series 3448 Series 3448-22U 3448-23U 3448-24U 3448-25U 3448-2MU 3448-34U 3448-35U 3448-39U 3448-3AU 3448-58U 3448-59U 3448-5AU 3448-5BU 3448-5CU 3448-5DU 3448-7FU 3448-7MU 3448-7NU 3448-7PU 3448-8RU 3448-8SU 3448-94U 3448-95U 3448-AVU 3448-AWU 3448-AXU 3448-AYU 3448-AZU 3448-B2U 3448-B3U 3448-B4U 3448-B6U 3448-B8U 3448-BBU 3460 Series 3460 Series 3460-22U 3460-23U 3460-24U 3460-25U 3460-34U 3460-35U 3460-36U 3460-37U 3460-58U 3460-59U 3460-5AU 3460-5BU 3460-5CU 3460-5DU 3460-9RU 3460-9SU 3460-9TU 3460-9UU 3460-9VU 3460-9WU 3460-ALU 3460-AMU 3460-AVU 3460-AWU 3460-AXU 3460-AYU 3460-AZU 3460-B2U 3460-BDU 3460-BEU 3460-BFU 3460-BGU 3460-BNU 3460-BPU 3460-BQU 3460-BRU 3462 Series 3463 Series 45N1071 ThinkPad New X1 Carbon(20BTA07BCD) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon(20A8A0X4CD) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon(20A7S00S00) 344327C 3443A92 3448AU9 ThinkPad New X1 Carbon(20A7S00C00) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon(20A8A0SACD) ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2015(20BTA06DCD) ThinkPad X1 Car



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