Twinmos memory cards 4GB

Twinmos memory cards 4GB

  • Twin MOS 4GB memory card offers a reliable data storage space.
  • This class 4 microSDHC card delivers an incredible performance.
  • The Twin MOS 4GB Class 4 microSDHC Card lets you store photos, record HD videos, and play music on your smartphone, sans the stutter.
  • It offers a storage capacity of 4GB so that you can get most out of your smart device.
  • It delivers minimum write speed of 4MBps that allows you to open large files seamlessly.
  • It supports ECC function that prevents data errors while transferring files from one device to another.
  • Also, it supports Wear Leveling function that extends the life of this memory card and makes it more reliable.
  • It features Content Protection for Recordable Media technology that controls the moving, copying, and deletion of digital media on your smart device.
  • It keeps your data secure so that you don’t need to worry about it and focus more on your work. This 4GB memory card from Twin MOS boosts the performance of your smartphone by adding more memory to it.
    • Spacious and Fast This Twin MOS 4GB microSDHC memory card has enough space for loads of HD videos and pictures.




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